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Some of these are formal, others more personal; either way they are,
each and every one, lessons hard learned...

Depression Is Not Destiny   - blog and forthcoming personal memoirs

How an obsession with dieting nearly ate me alive  - eating disorders (male)

Depression made me a better doctor   - depression

The Trigger   - depression

One of her humours - depression (poem)

Alex - pieces of me - depression

My brush with suicide  - suicide

Boards.ie - depression

Bruce Springsteen - Springsteen reveals 30 years of therapy

Lesism - by Les Floyd - depression

Inspirational despite depression - depression

Alan Quinlan & his depression - depression

Sorrow passes and we remain - depression

Why can't sport come to terms with depression - depression

Stan Collymore: Only my mum's voice stopped me taking my own life  - depression

Social media campaign aims to highlight depression · TheJournal.ie - #depressionhurts

Depression affects one in four so we tried to do something about it - #depressionhurts

Depression in young men  - depression

Understanding and Living With Depression - depression

Stanford biologist Robert Sapolsky video on depression  - depression

What works for you? How to help colleagues through tough times  - workplace

Mental health reform  - mental health in Ireland

Wonderland ain't so pretty  - depression

It's OK to talk  - teen depression

We all need to talk  - teen depression

What is panic disorder?  - panic disorder

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