Education Programme

In every society education is the means of informing, improving, expanding ideas and action.

That's why it seems natural for our #depressionhurts project to invite teachers and students to participate.

Students and Teachers can be best Ambassadors in creating attitude change to Mental Health and removing the stigma surrounding depression and suicide.

Today's Students are The Communication Generation, we all hear the messages they communicate through Text, Facebook, Twitter, Phone calls and more.

If you're reading this as a student, parent or educator - you, your friends, your family can be affected by depression or suicide, 1 in 4 of the Irish population are!

We're asking schools across UK/Ireland to get involved, asking Teachers to dedicate one lesson to #depressionhurts education project

Help us inform about depression and prevent suicide, change attitudes and remove stigma.

Thank you,

Norah Bohan & Alan Lavender
- Co Founders #depressionhurts



student guide

helpful hints (including cut-out-and-keep card)

teacher guide

Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition 2012

When you've watched the video (top right) in class, the other links for you to use are just below it.

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