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we guarantee that irelandphoto will not knowingly submit your email address to any other organisation!


After you subscribe you will receive a free monthly email newsletter. When you subscribe you will receive the last issue of the newsletter together with your unique irelandphoto forum ID. Please use your ID in submissions.

All email replies to irelandphoto forms are at present personal and not automatic, so please allow at least 2 working days from joining before you receive your ID.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the forum, just send a blank email message to unsubscribe@irelandphoto.com

submissions policy

irelandphoto reserves the right to edit or omit both text and image submissions. No email attachments over 50k file size will be opened, so please keep file sizes small. We realise that producing web graphics is not every photographer's cup of tea, so, if you prefer, you can send us prints or transparencies and we will scan them for you. We cannot return physical submissions, so if you send transparencies, please send only duplicates.

Mail to: Margaret Lavender, Slí Dún Mór, An Dún Mór, An Fál Carrach, Dún Na nGall, Éire.


This is a site where Ireland meets photography, so we ask that your submissions in some way reflect an Irish interest. For inclusiveness, however, we have added a fine art / experimental category, which is open, and a technique category (text only). Please indicate your intended category with your submission - for submissions to more than one category, please separate and send separately.

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