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Affiliate marketing has been around for a while, usually in the form of annoying large banner ads on web sites that take longer to load than all your email. In its worst form it can turn web users into the digital equivalent of sheep that have broken out and can't find their way back. We partner with a UK company, who offer an advanced tracking system that rewards genuine electronic referrals only. Sophisticated underneath yet very easy to set up on your web site, it really is head and shoulders above the rest.

What affiliate marketing can do for you

The idea of partnering with PaidOnResults is to show local businesses how easy it is to hook up to the technologies that are around just now to drive your sales outside your immediate catchment area. So they have UK merchants on their books at present. Fine. Hands up anyone who has bought something over the internet from the UK? Get it? If you're in Letterkenny and you're offering a world-class product over the internet, what's to stop customers in the UK buying OFF YOU via clicking on an attractive eye-catching affiliate ad on somebody else's website? Obviously there's business types that this doesn't apply to, but there's plenty that it does. Businesses in Letterkenny: be the merchants that hundreds of thousands of UK web users click on.

And even where affiliate marketing is not appropriate there may be another online business model that is. Take Fast Food, for instance. You wouldn't think that a hot takeaway meal could be advertised and delivered over the internet, and while I agree there might not be much of a market abroad for a restaurant in Letterkenny, have a look at the web site our example Indian Royale restaurant have teamed up with (two competing sites to be precise). Very impressive and easily achievable today.

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