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our favourite links Irelandphoto is not responsible for the content of these sites, but they looked pretty good when we last visited them, and they didn't offend us.

our criteria: It has to be cool. It has to be Irish-related in content or authorship.

All Access - a short (formerly called Access All Areas) A short screenplay set at a music festival, written by me and a semifinalist in the 168 project short film festival (2010) in LA. Contact me for the script.
Northlight Images An incredibly helpful UK site for photographers / designers/ printers wanting the best out of their large format.
Say The Word - feature screenplay in development Based on a true story, my second feature screenplay has been in development part-time for most of 2010 so far. The Logline goes: A man in the twilight of his life recalls his life-changing struggle with his wife's terminal illness, only to set in motion the same transformational path in the tragic life of a young Eastern European immigrant working in his son's Kent Diner.
Book of Shadows the movie - official site Quarterfinalist in the Creative Screenwriting Expo 2007 Awards in Los Angeles, this is my dark Celtic debut in film. In a world where the oil has run dry and legends are re-awakened, pagan boy meets little rich girl and echoes of an Arthurian past overshadow them as their two worlds face mutual destruction.
Samuel is a friend and a very talented musician, free diver and photographer. Visit his new site for a unique diver's-eye view of the coast of Donegal and even purchase original prints online.
The Marsh Maize Maze is a great holiday destination, fun day out and also crams in a great open-plan restaurant and top tucker farm shop. Set in the heartlands of the legendary Dr. Syn you can get lost in time and space: vanquish the boredom of half-terms and holidays by incorporating several farm based activities for yourselves and your kids to enjoy. And they fly the Irish tricolour in nearby Dymchurch.
World Wide Health Directory The World Wide Health Directory was developed in 2002 as a online resource to aid in searching the internet. Now filled with links to the Web's best resources, for some of the most searched topics, all links are hand selected by members of staff, providing links to only the highest quality sites. Informative resources that are suitable for the whole family.
JJ Images

"One of Ireland's great photographic talents lives in the hills of Donegal and it is here he practises his art. JJ Gallagher has steeped himself in the raw beauty of his native county and has emerged with not only a wonderfully organic sense of his surroundings but also an eye for the ethereal." Irish Connections Magazine New York

"This buck lives just over the road and it takes the web for me to find him" Alan Lavender. Great pictures.

Agora Gallery Logo
Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery, Chelsea - SoHo, New York, NY. Contemporary fine art gallery providing art consulting services to private and corporate art collectors. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media.
explore.ie The premiere travel writing, photography and advice resource for travellers coming to or from Ireland.
Irelandscape Discover Ireland like never before! From Dublin Pictures to photographs of the Cliffs of Moher, maps of Ireland guide you through a fantastic tour. Upload and buy and sell prints of Ireland and join the community of photographers.
Stock.XCHNG Does to Getty and big picture libraries what MySpace does to Geffen and big record labels. Power to the picture makers - helps me out of tight spots in my design work on a daily basis. A way of using your lens to give back.
My Hometown Old Irish photographs, taken 75 to 100 years ago, which reflect a large number of Irish towns and cities all digitally remastered and available as Prints. Searchable by county and town.
"The Sacred Island"- All you wanted to know about sacred sites in Ireland, dolmens, tombs, standing stones and celtic engraving. A thouroughly well-researched and compiled collection by the author who is based in Sligo. If you wanted to construct a tour itinerary around these throwbacks to our ancient world then here is a place to start.
"Ireland at-a-glance"- Comprehensive links page with transportation, activities, accommodation, music, culture, genealogy, places to visit etc. Use this as a launchpad for other sites when planning your vacation.
Brand new photo links site with search and shop for those elusive memory cards etc. US-based, though featuring Irish links, smooth design.
Vietnam photography community - Largest photo website in Vietnam, essential surfing if visiting this beautiful and romantic country. You'd be amazed at how far the Irish get- check out the Irish community in Vietnam.
Irish discussion board for all that's suspect about the Celtic Tiger.
Ian Gordon, local painter based in Dunlewey, for what the lens can't capture.
A group show that took place in Ireland in April 2006 with Margaret's & my work and seven other leading photographers from the North-West, with links to some of their own sites.
This site truly is a "Little Ireland", highlighting scores of local businesses, services, festivals & community events in and around the West coast of Ireland- watch video from July's festival in Falcarragh, the hometown of irelandphoto.
Mystic legends of the forefathers, strange brooding sculptural shapes looming out of the mists of the Poison Glen.
Celtic art and design from Falcarragh. Specialist In Memoriam card printers.
Me with my design head on.
A summer studio trail in Donegal which celebrated it's second year in a hot July 2006 - long may it continue!