local history

local history

These stories, myths, and legends have been handed down in the oral tradition. Some of them are established folklore, re-told over centuries of time, others are personal and anecdotal, showing life as it was here in recent living memory.

As we build our collection of tales from Donegal, we hope to give you a taste of our local history in these pages, and to create an online storehouse of tradition for future generations.

Our thanks go out to Archie & Ellen McIver from Dunmore for sharing the past with us.

These stories belong to everyone and to no-one. Please feel free to print them out from your browser and share them with others.

Tory Island: the Cow, the King, and the Fairy Rabbit

Heaven's Poison at Dunlewey

The Cross That Was Too Much to Bear

further reading:

For those of you interested in delving deeper into the culture and history of this area of Donegal, a new book and associated brochure have been published.