local history

featured photo story: April 2001

Alan: "This month I had an email from an old friend who was part of the visuals team for a community multimedia project both myself and Margaret worked on for many years back in Glasgow. She is a photographer too, and had found the web site, pointing out that she remembered assisting on some images in the commercial gallery section. I was also cleaning out my hard drive and found some pictures which we had done and scanned for the project's web site.

The images we used in a performance multimedia context were never meant to be literal. When Mozart wrote the Divertimenti, they were never meant to be listened to critically in a concert hall, as might be today. These images are the same. They were meant to lift the spirits with the music and help the mind wander.

So here they are, some of them: imagine them projected onto huge white triangles of material, suspended on wires from the ceiling of a 19th century church interior, with dry ice, a lightshow, and a kicking 2k PA system pumping out home-grown '90's dance anthems. To all those in the Late Late Service Community, past present & future, cead mile failte from Donegal."

The images of the rosary and the tree were taken in Donegal whilst on holiday here.

Doun Well, a prayer tree on the way to Letterkenny
Glasgow's West End
Tree looking towards Muckish
Washing feet (in a Glasgow bath, lit with a Metz!)Margaret aka the avenging angel, Loch Lomond