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featured photo story: January 2001

Alan: "As we enter in to the true millenium, spare a thought for the dispossessed, the traveller, the hurt, the wronged, the empty and the despairing. Make www.thehungersite.com your homepage, and donate free food to starving people every time you go online, just by clicking once on some ads."

This image, part of the "Kenya" guide for Harper Collins, shows the dried-out salt pan that once was Lake Naivasha, Kenya. The flamingoes that used to flourish here are gone now to Nakuru or Baringo, but those lakes are steadily drying out as well, along the whole course of Africa's mighty Rift Valley.

A 20mm lens on Nikon FM2 gives a wide angle of view, and a Tobacco "wedge" used sparingly on the sky gives a more crepuscular feel to the light, as dawn and dusk in equatorial countries come and go much faster (by any normal person's breakfast-time, in Kenya the sun is already high). Film: Fuji Velvia.

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