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featured photo story: May 2001

Alan: "This is a film still from a 16mm project I worked on as D.O.P. with first-time Director Victor Eadie, who had appeared in 'Trainspotting' and 'Shallow Grave'.

This particular car chase sequence was shot on Mini-DV to be doctored afterwards to resemble security camera footage. The location was a deserted car park in Glasgow City Centre, and this close-up of the two actors was cut in to shots of the car being driven as fast as possible up and down the ramps. Two people bounced the car up and down from the back for all they were worth.

By the time you've set up and run the action sequences there's not a lot of time left for stills, so this was shot on a (1950's?) folding Ikonta 21/4" at about 1/8th second with the camera rotated during the exposure to create the blur. My Ikonta often goes with me where no other kit would dare. When I want to travel light and work fast it gives me medium-format quality that can fit in my pocket, with such simple settings you just have to get on with it."

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