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featured photo story: November 2000

This picture was taken to hang alongside last month's one of Dinny in an exhibition called "Viewfinder", opening on the 13th of this month at Artlink studios in Buncrana, Co. Donegal.

The brief was a millenial work on the people of Buncrana, and whilst Dinny is a well-known local character, I felt that the kids have ownership of the town and especially its' communal spaces just as much as those who have lived there longer, so this work was made as a counterpoint. Just remember - a kid can turn round too and say they have lived all their life in the town.

The pool hall is a popular hangout. We got in after nine at night on a Saturday, set up at one end, and shot most of the film whilst they thought we were still setting up. The exposure was about a minute on medium-speed C41 5x4" format, with a hand-held, hand-synced Metz lighting the foreground. After the shots were taken we obtained full permission and written model release.